Another branch of Amicell products – The Mobile Led Solutions.  Our focus is on unique applications, where our specialty, in custom design and in mobile energy, can come into effect.

Among our projects – Internal lights for army vehicles, Lights for explosive environment and surrounding light for rescue forces.

How do we get from your needs to full Solution:

Step 1 – You decide

  • How much light do you realy need? In LUX (See table)
  • Surface area or beam angle? α=? (from 8° to 360°)
  • Distance between light source and the surface needs to be lighted? r=?

Higher “r”, larger “α” will increase the Luminous intensity needed at the Light source.


LUX, (lumen/m2)

Public areas with dark surroundings

20 – 50

Simple orientation for short visits

50 – 100

Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed

100 – 150

Warehouses, Homes, Theaters, Archives


Easy Office Work, Classes


Normal Office Work, PC Work, Study Library, Show Rooms, Laboratories


Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops, Office Landscapes


Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops, Operation Theaters


Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works

1500 – 2000

Visual tasks of low contrast  and very small size for prolonged periods of time

2000 – 5000

Very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 


Very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size


Step 2 – We Calculate

  • Luminous intensity of the Light source.
  • How many LED modules needed

Step 3 – We design

  • the Light Module
  • the Power system
  • Electrical control
  • Mechanics according to the surrounding

For example – Omri light with different LUX as a function of the beam angle: