Designed according to the demand of the Israeli home front Command, OMRI light is a Portable, Rechargeable Spot & 360° Scene Light.

The design enable the user to use it as 360° sorunding light or as a consentrated light to narrower area.

In full power the light use 200W of power, supplied from Li-Ion battery pack that can be desined to over 1000Wh.  The internal charger – 320W, so the system can supply full power, when connected to the grid, while charging an empty battery.

Luminous intensity

18,000 Lumen

Max height

2.5m / 98inch

No. of LED Models

4 × 120⁰ each


360° Horizontal, 120° Vertical.
Ability to a narrow 120° angle – 3 times the Illuminance intensity


Ruggedized storm case
LED light head: Aluminum
Mast: Carbon-Epoxy


28 Kg / 61.5 Lb.

Dimensions closed

670 x 510 x 262 mm
/ 26.38 x 20.08 x 10.31 in

Operation in full intensity

2 versions: Li-Ion 520Wh “Half”
Li-Ion 1040Wh “Full”


2 minutes

Charging time

Integrated 320W charging system.
Edge case: Empty full size battery, connected to the grid while in max operational Light intensity: Charge in 10 hours

Charging voltage

Optional: 10-36V DC input


Battery status, Charging status


Ruggedized plastic case + Trolley

IP rating