AMICELL – AMIT INDUSTRIES represent and use Mascot chargers for all applications.

The chargers fit up to 14S Li-Ion (80W), up to 15S Li-FePO4 (100W) and L.A. up to 48V 5A, with different internal voltages.

The chargers can be ordered from AMICELL with custom charge connector + Charge indication status bar + external balancing circuit.

The advantage of these lines of chargers – they are Simple, relative Low cost & with Good Quality

The chargers can be ordered from AMICELL with upgrades:

  • Charge connector that fits your battery.
  • External balancing system + over current protection.

One the other hand – if you are looking for power, additional safety & control systems, different charging levels – check out AMICELL chargers

Please see Mascot web-site to choose an optional charger: Mascot