Due to the technological development in the rechargeable smart battery packs field, a demand for special chargers arise, smart chargers that can charge these battery packs quickly and efficiently.

In order to enjoy quality and reliable battery pack for long period it is very important to adjust charger with suitable charging method to the battery pack technology.

It is also needed to adjust the charger to the environment conditions which the charger will work under and to provide the customer the required data online regarding the battery pack condition and most important to keep the life time of the battery packs.

Amicell can supply charging systems for its applications, as part of the battery system or as separate product  

Our analyzing systems include simplest analyzers – that provide basic and instant battery data to computer regulated charging system + electronic load.  In the more advanced systems you can insert testing program, set threshold voltages, set current (or power) add cycles and run the test automatically.  This system is suited for laboratories and end users that are interested in prolonging the liability period given to a battery.

Our main product lines:

Chargers series
Simple chargers 100W Amicell 600W Custom chargers


Analyzers series
  Level 1 – Basic Level 2 – AMICELL GO Level 3 – Analyzer
Battery Voltage
Battery balance
Internal resistance ×
Voltage drop under load ×
Charging × ×
Computer regulated × ×
Issuing Report × ×