Because of AMICELL optimal solution

When you want the most suitable battery assembly – for your application

                   When you want to be good & cost effective

                                       When you want to get exactly what you need and not pay for extras

In every aspect of our operation, Amicell designs the product to be as simple as possible, in order to reduce costs, shorten delivery time, lower probability of failures, and ease maintenance when needed.

From our experience simpler solution, many times even only in the peripheral equipment (control system, type of casing etc.) reduces costs.

Amicell achieves this goal by:

    1. Asking questions about your system & application – This enables us to use our extensive experience in supplying solutions to similar systems and learning their advantages & disadvantages.
    2. Recommend alternatives – To the battery, to the control system, simpler casing ideas and basic charger for the proto-types.
    3. Approving with you the design before production – Verifying with you that the solution is acceptable.   This is done via an “approval sheet” document.  In this document, we will present the system designed + shed light on open issues we believe needs to be attended.

All Amicell solutions can be divided to 4 groups:

1. The net battery pack
The basic cell chemical technology chosen according to the application.  Usually the max allowable weight / Dimensions / Temperature / minimum cycle life are to determinate the type of chimestry that will be used.


2. The electronic system – PCM / BMS / Fuel gauge / Thermal control etc.

Safety only / long-term maintenance / Full information for the end-user.

While the safety control system should serve the battery, the total electronic design should serve the user.  Chosing the right design will help keeping the system simple & cost effective.


3. Casing
When needed, can be adjusted exactly to your needs.


4. Charging system

For basic applications – Don’t re-invent the wheel – There are good “Of the Shelf” products.

For more unique applications – Keep it simple.