How do you fight terror with batteries? | Amicell

Worldwide investment in security amounted to about $367 billion in 2015, and is expected to skyrocket to $546 billion within 7 years. Israel’s industrial sector actively takes part in the battle against worldwide terror through diverse measures. Meet one of the industries – the Israeli company selling batteries for drones and rockets to armies around the world.

Published: 20.03.16, 14:43 Moshe Glanz


“In one of the exhibitions I visited in China, a Chinese purchaser approached me and on noticing Amicell’s logo on my shirt, said – “Israeli defense products are highly appreciated abroad. You are the Bible of batteries.”

“I think this is a great compliment – not only to Amicell, but to the State of Israel as well,”  adds Eazy Manor, who founded Amicell (Amit Industries Ltd.) 27 years ago to provide unique energy solutions for the military industry.


An industry involving hundreds of billions of dollars

Worldwide investment in security amounted to some $367 billion in 2015, but this is apparently only the beginning. Within 7 years, investment is slated to tally $546 billion. These recently reported figures point to the expected increase in demand for technologies in a field where threats constantly alter. The terror attack in Istanbul yesterday, which cost three Israelis their lives, was a painful reminder of that fact. Importantly for Israeli industry, considered among the most robust in the field, opportunity is twofold – assisting in the uncompromising international war on terror, coupled with considerable business opportunities.

One relatively small Israeli company operating in this sector is Amicell. Manufacturing batteries, charging systems and advanced electronic control systems intended for HLS (Homeland Security) needs, the company’s products serve armies worldwide – including the IDF – and help fight terror through drone, rocket and other technologies. Amicell’s batteries are considered the best in the world, their energy capacity and retention being among the highest.

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A large number of technological solutions for the struggle against terror are produced in Israel. Avraham Bar-David, a former IDF Chief Artillery Officer and currently a promoter of Israeli companies in international markets, adds: “Every resource we develop here is intended, first and foremost, for the Israeli Defense Forces, but they are additionally being sold abroad, as the whole world faces risks and has to fight terror.”

Hana Manor, Amicell’s Marketing Officer, describes how, during Operation Protective Edge, the company maintained a 24/7 production capacity to deliver what the army needed. The situation had its precedent in the second Lebanon war where it ultimately assisted the military battle, as attested to by the numerous letters of gratitude received from every military branch and now proudly displayed in the company offices.

“We could say that Israel holds superpower status in this area,” adds Jules Perez, head of the Homeland Security, Aviation and Space Branch at the export institute. “We offer unique, highly advanced solutions.”  Perez notes that the exhibitions in which Israel participates with its national pavilion, such as Milipol in Paris, alongside exhibitions in Japan and Mexico, are a subject of great interest thanks to Israel’s proven ability in fighting terror, and the most advanced technologies currently accessible. “Every country in the world contacts us, from African states to the USA and other superpowers.”


Photography and content editor: Moshe Glanz; Editor: Asaf Oshi, courtesy of the Ynet website.