Hand held batteries

AMICELL – AMIT INDUSTRIES is an authorized supplier of main governmental hospitals and specialized Example projects: Battery for hand held Laser system Battery for hand held Laser system

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EV battery packs

From small applications to high voltage ones, AMICELL – AMIT INDUSTRIES manufacture custom energy solutions to all.Example projects: High voltage / High Power battery pack. 80KW max High voltage /…

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Aviation Battery Packs

Amicell specialized in battery packs assembly designated to the aviation field under very strict, high standard manufacturing procedure required to this field.  The procedure include harsh environmental tests and raw…

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UUV battery packs

AMICELL – AMIT INDUSTRIES manufacture custom solutions for underwater applications – special sealed cases & structures + internal charging systems.The batteries designed to fit customer system – In given volume…

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UAV / Drone battery packs

Amicell – Amit Industires is one of the leading manufacturers of battery packs for UAV applications, using practically all types of cells available. I know what you are thinking, Cylindrical…

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