LI-SOCl2 batteries | LIMnO2 batteries

As their name, these batteries designate for one time usage

Recently the demands for this kind of batteries decrease constantly due to their disadvantages in comparison to the rechargeable batteries, mainly of 2 reasons – cost saving usage and also environment friendly which are the advantages of the rechargeable batteries and disadvantages of the primary ones.

The leading technologies of this field of the primary batteries are Alkaline and Lithium under several types:

  • Lithium-Thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)
  • Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2)

These types of cells are mainly for the private usage and as a backup for computer memory, military/police two-way radio devices and measurements instruments.

As their name, these batteries designate for one time usage

Advantages & Disadvantages of these type of batteries:



High energy density.  Can reach 700Wh/Kg

Low current (low C-rate) only.  Even high current types are considered low in comparison to rechargeable batteries.

Can operate or be stored for years (usually 5-10 years).

Less environment friendly than rechargeable batteries.

Lower self-discharge

More problematic to transport

No charging + less control electronics = simpler solution

For large batteries – usually not cost effective.

In proper design, can be easily replaced in the field.