Lab | Testing battery packs and chargers | Amicell

Amicell Lab

Our Lab for testing battery packs and chargers equipped with high advance, calibrated  equipment for testing all parameters that effect on the battery packs function and their life cycle.

Among the tests we perform the following:

* Testing the optimal charging ability of the battery pack

*Capacity test under different current levels per the customer’s requirements.

*Balancing among the cells which from them the battery pack is assembled of

*Life cycle testing – performing charge/discharge testing

*Test of the battery pack internal resisting – changing in the internal resistance. after several cycles.

*Efficiency test of chargers charging

*Calibration test for the Amicell chargers

*Battery packs/chargers/ other equipment under extreme environmental conditions – vibrations, extreme temperature -40C- +80C, shocks etc.

UN/UL/EC etc. test for all king of battery packs/ charger and similar equipment