Amicell Innovations

Check out why we are the best in what we do

As a company operating in a very competitive market & region, we have the necessity to excel and distinguish ourselfs from our competitors.  We believe that you, as a customer, should receive the product you need while without additional

Among our innovations:

Check out why we are the best in what we do

The need

Amicell product


Preventing going on missions un-fit battery.

Period health tests for batteries.

rapid test equipment

Testing battery SOC + SOH in seconds and with the required performance profile as a base line.

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Given voltage, Power &  max Dimensions – achieving max capacity possible

Custom production of Li-Polymer cells, for different C-rates, for low quantities, in affordable price.

In addition to high veraity We have the ability to custom manufacture Li-Ion Pouch cells in differente

Amicell is always looking for the new idea and new development.  Our main interest – new products that are unique and with advantage for what is common in the market.