As a leading Battery assembler we at AMICELL understand that quality is a way of thinking.

We expect from ourselves to give the best product possible.

The QC department is in charge for product quality – beginning with testing the single cells, the battery packs, safety tests, performance tests and QUAL tests (MIL-STD, DO-160 etc..)

The QC tests on the battery cells:

  1. Conducting 100% cell tests when required.
  2. Assemble cells into similar groups.

The QC tests on the final product are conducted in 2 steps:

  1. Conducting all the safety tests for the battery – 100% test
  2. Conducting a performance tests according to the expected battery operational profile – 100% test!

These measures allow us to supply with a quality battery that will fit our customer’s needs.

Amicell Battery Laboratory


In addition our Lab will perform all environmental tests required – from UN tests for transportation to MIL-STD tests.

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